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Tips for Fantasy Kids Bedrooms

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For Children, their bedroom is more than just a place to rest and sleep after a busy day. It’s a place to play, do homework, entertain friends and relax in. Children have amazing imaginations and you can make your children’s dreams come true with a fantastic, fantasy design. Here are our top 5 tips for designing a kid’s bedroom that they will love:


  1. Children can really react to colour and you have to make sure you use colour correctly to achieve the feeling you want Blue creates calm, green achieves balance and red gives us energy. How do you want your child and their friends to feel in the room? Once you know how you want the room to feel you can chose a colour accordingly.


  1. Design with scale and proportion in the room. Making objects like headboards to a large scale creates a sense of drama and wonder.


  1. Make sure you don’t use design for today but also future proof your room. Children grow quickly and trends at different age groups come and go quickly. Make sure that you room you design is able to transition through the ages with small changes rather than having to redesign the room every few years. You can easily change out things like bedlinen and accessories without it breaking the bank.


  1. Don’t forget lighting in your child’s room. You will need to think about what the room is used for and light accordingly. A main overall light can be another place to add some fun, but often task lighting is needed also for homework or play and toys that require concentration and small parts. Some children also need a night-light so keep that in mind when thinking about the overall lighting scheme.


  1. Have fun and make sure you capture your kids personality and interests. To make it a room that they want to hang out in you need to make it work for them, which will work for you too!



Amanda & The Designworx Team