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Kitchens – The Hub of the Home

Kitchens really are the hub of the home. No matter what size your home it’s the space where we nourish, congregate and share our lives with our loved ones. Amanda talks kitchen design and what you really need to consider when designing your dream space.

You may be looking to update your current kitchen, you could have decided you need more space than what you currently have or you are starting with a blank canvas – what ever your needs are, a common question is “where do I start?” No two renovations or builds are the same and everyone has different requirements.

When we work with our clients we really want to know about them, their lifestyle and what they want out of their new kitchen. Our first priority is research and planning – it may be a straightforward step but it really defines the end result. Ask yourself, how many people will use the space? How do you like to live? Do you prefer open plan and casual spaces or formal and traditional? What sort of look and feel would you like to achieve?

Appliances also play a crucial role in your kitchen priorities. There are many alternatives but it really all comes back to how you operate in your kitchen. It’s important to keep up with technology and understand how new products work, as they can change the way we do things. Do you think a fridge draw would work? Is a dishwasher drawer better for your lifestyle or do you need a full large dishwasher for a busy family? What type of hob do you like to use, gas vs. induction? Could you be interested in a steam oven?

Last but not least is budget. Kitchens are expensive and your budget will dictate your overall finishes and add ons. You also have to know what is appropriate to spend on your home. A million dollar home needs a kitchen that represents the homes value and will have a different spec to a smaller, less expensive home.

It can be a confusing time and from all of the kitchens we have designed we know the pit falls. Make sure you look at ergonomics. A kitchen needs to work well and make the space an enjoyable and safe place to be and to cook in. Make sure you make the kitchen reflect your needs; it could be raised or lowered depending on height. Are you left-handed? Do you have a bad back so can’t bend down? How about a ladder to reach those higher cabinets?

Another watch out would be lighting. Beautiful lights are great to look at and can add the wow factor but don’t forget good task lighting. You need to work in the kitchen and need to make sure you have good lighting in place so you can see what you are creating. Different types of lighting need to be incorporated and not left to the last minute. Task lighting is key and needs to be included from the initial design. Consider general lighting and mood lighting as well.

It always pays to get the professionals in when designing and installing a new kitchen in your home. Mistakes can be costly for a novice and pitfalls can be avoided with experience and good planning.

At Designworxs we have designed hundreds of kitchens in many different styles and would love to help you with your needs.

Amanda & The Designworx Team

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