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Devonport Navy Museum – A D Boyle Room

Designworx’s has been working closely with the Royal New Zealand Navy Museum in the refurbishment designing of the A D Boyle room. Amanda talks Designworx’s proud involvement in the creation of this beautiful space.

 When approached by the Navy to work with them in designing the A D Boyle room we were very proud to be involved in transforming such a humbling and historic room that commemorates WW1.

 The room has an amazing natural location, which is set into the cliff face and connected, to the museum by a glass pavilion that enables views of both the sea and rocks and sky at the same time. Using the starting point of Helen Pollock’s beautiful sculpture ‘As Above, So Below’ – which stands central to this pavilion, as well as furniture, artwork and historical artifacts on display from those who served in WW1 and the amazing natural location of the room, we proposed the use of green and blues through out the room to connect these historical items to the new furniture. It’s a room steeped in it’s own history and a room the public can relax in and find out more about WW1. Green is a positive colour and a natural peacemaker as well as giving a feeling of sanctuary and restoration and blues are restful, calming and enables learning and concentration, the perfect colour palette for the space.

 We used the Forma Mischa mid-back chair for it’s comfortable and welcoming design so that people can stay and enjoy the room, as well as the David Shaw Hilton Armless chair as the dining chair to give a feel of timelessness to the room. These chairs were then covered in a complicated combination of fabrics in a different range of greens and blues fabrics in plain, and geometric patterns. graphic and floral ranges. We used different fabrics on both the inside front and outside back of the chairs to give the space a sense of depth and to also create a modern feel. We then incorporated a collection of coffee and occasional tables in a dark wooden finish to work with the rest of the furniture in the room and for items to be displayed and used. A floor rug reflected the artwork portraying a pattern of woven watery blues and greens to finish the space off.

We loved working on this project and are really happy with the end result and feeling in the space. We attending the opening ceremony and were touched by the stories and what the overall space represents and commemorates.

 Amanda & The Designworx Team

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