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Evoque Copper Lace Table

The copper lace table featured is the result of a design collaboration between Amanda Neill of Designworx and Metalier Coatings. This copper lace table is the first piece in a line of tables Amanda has created as a collection. The design is typical of Amanda’s work – it is striking, it is “out there”, it is utterly gorgeous and it is very different. Amanda loves colour, boldness and everything exotic. It is exciting working with her and stretching the capabilities of the Metalier Coatings Amanda chooses to use. This nostalgic and romantic copper lace table was created using real lace which is applied to the surface of the piece and over the edges. Metalier Coatings are sprayed through the lace to create the pattern. After curing the copper is polished and then patinated. A dark patina was applied to give the pattern an aged look. A green patina was used to create the Verdigris look in the stripe in that runs off centre through the table. The finishing touch was Metalier’s Nano Clear coat which is applied in a very thin but robust layer. The nano clear ensures that the finish doesn’t oxidise beyond the desire look and it protects…

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Finding that Perfect Gift

At Designworx we try to create the unique. We love different pieces and one offs. We love designing interiors that are unique to the owner or client and create each design with an individual approach. This is also our brief when choosing furniture and décor pieces in our retail showroom, especially at this time of year. We know that one of the biggest challenges of Christmas is finding the right gifts for those that you love and finding gifts that are a little different or that stand out from your usual offering. We hope we can make this year just a little bit easier for you and have spent the last couple of months putting together a selection of fantastic gifts for those “hard to buy” for people. We have a range of items from furniture, home décor, glassware, candles and jewellery.  So whether it’s a gift for someone else, or a treat for yourself come in and view the range today. Home Décor: We currently have in stock an eclectic mix of home décor pieces. From glass domes for a Victorian feel, original Jonathan Adler ceramic pieces, to our stunning range of cake stands and bowls, we have something that will suit…

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A Christmas Trend you will not want to miss!

There have been some great trends coming through our studio and showroom this year. We love the tribal look, we love the emergence of pastels and colours featuring in softer shades, we love the use of more graphic prints in everything from tiles to fabrics and beyond, but our favourite ongoing trend is metallic. It’s a trend that has been in our interiors for some years now, but  this year’s interpretation of mixing metals is gorgeous! We are no longer bound by having the same metal finish throughout our space but by mixing warmer tones from, for example gold with cooler tones from silver we create balance, style and a fantastically on sophisticated on-trend look. This Christmas why not bring some shine to the season with some metallic Christmas pieces in your home. They are a great way to give your Christmas decorations a modern twist or mix them in with your more traditional Christmas colours of red and green. Metallic will give warmth to a space and can add a little modern glamour to your Christmas decorations.  Mix up your metal finishes for maximum style results. New to our showroom are some stunning gold coloured reindeer which would bring shine…

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An interior design story: A client perspective

When beginning renovations many think it easier and more budget friendly to tackle the design process ourselves, but often the outcome is not executed quite how we dreamt of it or we find ourselves spending more money that initially budgeted to complete the look we lust for. Rather than give yourself the headache of trying to figure it out we recommend enlisting the help of professionals such as Amanda Neill and her team at Designworx. “Lots of people are scared to hire interior designers, when really we will make the process a lot smoother and easier for them”. Their in-depth knowledge of products on the market, by making choices that will perform in the right application, knowing where to go to find products and often being able to get their clients competitive industry pricing Designworx can save you lots of time and money. Amanda runs us through the process her team follows and highlights how the help of a professional really does take the stress out of a sometimes very confusing process. Firstly they start at the ‘Enquiry Stage’. This is when the initial enquiry is made by you, the client and any information regarding the design is sent to…

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Evoque Collection- Lace Coffee Table

We have recently begun developing a range of furniture under the EVOQUE umbrella and the brand story behind this is that every piece employs the senses and evokes an emotion. The Lace Coffee table is part of this developing collection. I wanted to design a piece of furniture that referenced the past with new relevance and connection to the future. I am a romantic at heart so looked to designing an item that worked with a romantic and opulent surface and to apply this with a fresh artistic approach. In this table we combined the elements of high tech and hand crafted. The use of a copper finish by Metalier created the opulent look. Metalier is a composite cold-spray metal coating which made the substrate look and feel as if it was made in solid metal.  When applied the coating is composed of 65-75% metal.  When it has cured and the resin sanded away, the metal content of the surface coating is up to 95% pure metal.  This gives the coating durability to 30 years plus and it is weatherproof which is opening up the doors for development of the table to an exterior application. The nostalgic and romantic textile…

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Mid-Century Meets Classic Elegance

A feature wall in complex Resene Timekeeper anchors a scheme with Resene Double White Pointer walls and Resene Half White Pointer ceilings. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. Other products feature include as Eastside fireplace from Living Flame and various accessories from Designworx. Did you know….. that Resene Colorwood Whitewash gives rich whitewash effect but if you are after a lighter look, use Resene Colorwood Rock Salt for a blonded effect? Or check out Resene Colorwood stains chart for an array of rich colours for your interior timber projects.                        

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Adding Colour & Texture To Your Home

We love a neutral scheme here at Designworx. We love the calming response it creates and how it makes our home an oasis from the world around us. A neutral scheme also creates a magnificent backdrop to be able to add and change out different colours and textures, but because neutrals have become such a statement we find our clients and customers are often unsure where they can add colour without changing their entire design or what colours will work in their space. Textures also seem to come in and out of vogue and this can often cause confusion as to what fabrics and textures to use in different parts of the home and on different pieces of furniture. Our top tips for adding colour and texture to your home are: There is no right answer. We are all drawn to different colours for different reasons. If you can’t identify what colour that is, take cues from your surroundings in your home. Often we sub-consciously gravitate towards tones you might have in your décor or art. Think about how you would like your space to feel. Do you love the light and airy feeling, or do you like to have…

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Shopping for a Sofa – What you Need to Know

Buying a new sofa is a big and costly decision. Sofas are one of the largest pieces of furniture you will buy for your home, and one of the best used. Everyone’s requirements are different and sofa’s range from standard sizes to custom designs. Choosing the right one for your home is important, so we thought we would put together our top tips when choosing a new sofa: Size Matters. Make sure you are looking for the right size for your space. A good guide is to allow at least 1 metre around your entire sofa to be able to move around your sofa comfortably. Modular sofas are larger but actually save space verses the traditional 3 + 2 seater. Quality Matters. Like everything you get what you pay for. Buying a well-made sofa may be more expensive in the short term but will last you in the long time. Having a well-made sofa reupholstered in the future will save you buying new every 5 years. Fillings vary and include poly foam which is low cost and an easy care option but can feel hard without any give. High-resilient (HR) foam is more expensive but will last and be much…

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5 Things You Should Know About Chairs

Not All Chairs are Created Equal. While they all have 4 legs, a seat, and a back…these can be manufactured using very different processes. Ever wondered why one chair is so cheap, and another costs millions?? There are a number of reason for this and buyer beware… Often frames are made from different woods with dubious nods to sustainability and quality. Our NZ environment changes dramatically from humid in the north to freezing in the south. If a frame is not dried correctly prior to use it can crack Simple Frames are just box structures put together, a more complicated frame is often shaped for comfort, and requires more parts to create that shape. Fabrics make a huge difference to the feel of a piece of furniture, fabrics that have too much stretch can bag and look worn and tired in  short space of time. Fabric properties must be fit for purpose- find out about the Martindale rub test scores, and the sun fade factors to guide you Statement Chairs for your home “A great chair should look as if it could spring up and take you in its arms” Choosing a piece of furniture to make a statement can…

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Tips for Fantasy Kids Bedrooms

     For Children, their bedroom is more than just a place to rest and sleep after a busy day. It’s a place to play, do homework, entertain friends and relax in. Children have amazing imaginations and you can make your children’s dreams come true with a fantastic, fantasy design. Here are our top 5 tips for designing a kid’s bedroom that they will love:   Children can really react to colour and you have to make sure you use colour correctly to achieve the feeling you want Blue creates calm, green achieves balance and red gives us energy. How do you want your child and their friends to feel in the room? Once you know how you want the room to feel you can chose a colour accordingly.   Design with scale and proportion in the room. Making objects like headboards to a large scale creates a sense of drama and wonder.   Make sure you don’t use design for today but also future proof your room. Children grow quickly and trends at different age groups come and go quickly. Make sure that you room you design is able to transition through the ages with small changes rather than…

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Kitchens – The Hub of the Home

Kitchens really are the hub of the home. No matter what size your home it’s the space where we nourish, congregate and share our lives with our loved ones. Amanda talks kitchen design and what you really need to consider when designing your dream space. You may be looking to update your current kitchen, you could have decided you need more space than what you currently have or you are starting with a blank canvas – what ever your needs are, a common question is “where do I start?” No two renovations or builds are the same and everyone has different requirements. When we work with our clients we really want to know about them, their lifestyle and what they want out of their new kitchen. Our first priority is research and planning – it may be a straightforward step but it really defines the end result. Ask yourself, how many people will use the space? How do you like to live? Do you prefer open plan and casual spaces or formal and traditional? What sort of look and feel would you like to achieve? Appliances also play a crucial role in your kitchen priorities. There are many alternatives but…

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Make your Mother’s Day

  We can never truly appreciate all our mother’s have done for us, but for one day each year we dedicate the day to thanking our mother’s as best we can. We have some great Mother’s Day gifts and suggestions on what you can give to say thanks. Being a mother can sometimes feel like a thankless task and some days can be hard – no matter what age your children. Not until we are parents ourselves can we really appreciate our own parents and everything they have done for us over the years. Mother’s Day is a very special time where we can spend time with and appreciate our Mum’s. It may be a lavish gift, breakfast in bed, a lunch with the family or just a phone call to let her know you are thinking of her. If you are stuck for ideas for this Mother’s Day why not go with the old saying ‘good things come in small packages’ and give your mum some beautiful jewelry. We have amazing pieces in our showroom for every mum. We pride ourselves in sourcing pieces that are different and stand out from the crowd. We have an exciting range from the…

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Devonport Navy Museum – A D Boyle Room

Designworx’s has been working closely with the Royal New Zealand Navy Museum in the refurbishment designing of the A D Boyle room. Amanda talks Designworx’s proud involvement in the creation of this beautiful space.  When approached by the Navy to work with them in designing the A D Boyle room we were very proud to be involved in transforming such a humbling and historic room that commemorates WW1.  The room has an amazing natural location, which is set into the cliff face and connected, to the museum by a glass pavilion that enables views of both the sea and rocks and sky at the same time. Using the starting point of Helen Pollock’s beautiful sculpture ‘As Above, So Below’ – which stands central to this pavilion, as well as furniture, artwork and historical artifacts on display from those who served in WW1 and the amazing natural location of the room, we proposed the use of green and blues through out the room to connect these historical items to the new furniture. It’s a room steeped in it’s own history and a room the public can relax in and find out more about WW1. Green is a positive colour and a…

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Home Décor colour and trends often follow fashion trends and vice versa. This week we are looking at one of the hottest trends right now – Metallics and how you can make this trend work in your home. Decadent gold, bronze, silver and nickel, are colours and finishes that are big this year. They bring warmth, glamour and regality to any interior that would be difficult to achieve by using their matt counterparts. We are seeing a huge range of products becoming available in these finishes, especially looking towards the colder winter month to give warmth to your home. They reflect light – just about anything and everything goes when it comes to metals in home décor.

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Christmas Cheer

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than receive. Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer talks the latest gift trends and how you can bring Christmas cheer to your friends and family. We love Christmas and there is nothing more satisfying that finding the perfect gift for the ‘hard to buy for’ person. Many of this years interior trends make the perfect gift – big or small.

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Shine on

Article from the Channel Magazine Home Décor colour and trends often follow fashion trends and vice versa. This month Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer looks at one of the hottest trends right now – Metallics and how you can make this trend work in your home.

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Auckland Home Show 2014

Walking around the Auckland Home Show 2014 provided a myriad of ideas. There were a number of directional trends and these were portrayed in a variety of products that inspired home owners who were on the hunt for inspiration. One of the biggest trends I came across was pattern and texture adorning so many products.

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