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5 Things You Should Know About Chairs

Not All Chairs are Created Equal. While they all have 4 legs, a seat, and a back…these can be manufactured using very different processes.

Ever wondered why one chair is so cheap, and another costs millions?? There are a number of reason for this and buyer beware…

  • Often frames are made from different woods with dubious nods to sustainability and quality. Our NZ environment changes dramatically from humid in the north to freezing in the south. If a frame is not dried correctly prior to use it can crack
  • Simple Frames are just box structures put together, a more complicated frame is often shaped for comfort, and requires more parts to create that shape.
  • Fabrics make a huge difference to the feel of a piece of furniture, fabrics that have too much stretch can bag and look worn and tired in  short space of time.
  • Fabric properties must be fit for purpose- find out about the Martindale rub test scores, and the sun fade factors to guide you

Statement Chairs for your home

“A great chair should look as if it could spring up and take you in its arms”

Choosing a piece of furniture to make a statement can create a focal point in an interior. It evokes a response that stands out from mediocrity.

Our Evoque range is about to launch with our on-line shop and we aim to WOW you with furniture and decor that dares to be different.

Chair 1

The Evoque Dining chair – $1498.00

Chair 2

The Forest Armchair – $1950

Chair 3

The Rockefella Armchair – $1785